• Koho Anma - 2011
  • Anma - 2012
  • Traditional Japanese Physical Medicine: Ampuka, Seitai, Shindenjutsu, Sekkotsu, Kenkujutsu, Kappo - 2013
  • Acupuncture, Moxa, Cupping - 2014
  • Shidoshi-Ho ‘Assistant Instructor’ - 2016
  • Supertonics, Hormonal Imbalances, Mind-Repatterning (CPD) 2016
  • Sports Injuries (CPD) - 2017
  • Advanced Cranial Sacral Fascia Techniques (CPD) - 2018
  • Facial & Cosmetic Acupuncture (CPD) - 2018
  • Hormonal Conditions (CPD) - 2019

"When l have seen Andrea, l was afflicted by a neck problem which l had for two years resulting from a bicycle accident. I tried to seek treatment of all kinds, but nothing seemed to have made much difference. Then l tried Japanese Integrated Amatsu treatment and already after the first session l had complete recovery. It lasted for a substantial amount of time. Even after two month from the treatment l was still well... From there l have become Andrea’s regular client... l can’t recommend it highly enough!"
Dirk B

"After a long shift at work something happened to the side of my knee; It was very concerning, l couldn't walk properly, my knee would lock itself and l was very scared about it! l went to see Andrea and already just on the first treatment my knee recovered at least 80% right away! Then l followed Andrea's exercises and on the next day my knee reached full recovery... l have never had any problem, in fact I went to work the following day, l continued my Martial Arts training, and l have been perfectly fine ever since!"
Alan C

"I have been suffering for years of all kinds of pain in my body, especially on my legs without a way to relive it. l tried the Amatsu treatment and felt instantly better and almost fully recovered! On the next morning l woke up feeling as if l was given a new body."
Gillian H