• Natal Technikon Beauty Therapy Diploma (1982)
  • International School Reflexology & Meridian Therapy Certificate (1988)
  • Integrative Kinesiology Certificate (1990)
  • Aromatherapy Certificates (1992)
  • Sports Massage Certificate (1992)
  • Shiatsu Certificates (1993/1990)
  • Reiki Second Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing (1994)
  • Foot Mobilization Certificate (1994)
  • Specialised Kinesiology S.A. 3 in 1.Certificate (1994)
  • Swedish Massage Certificates (1995/1992/1982)
  • Body Alignment Kinesiology 1 and 2 Certificate (1995)
  • Hot Stone Massage Certificate (2003)
  • NIA White Belt Certificate (2009)
  • Ashtanga Yoga RYS 200 Certificate (2009)
  • International Institute of Reflexology Certificates (2011/1994/1993/1989-1991)
  • A.R.T. Advanced Reflexology Training Certificates (2011/2001/2000/1995)
  • Raynor Massage Certificate (2011)
  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage Certificates (2011, 2009)
  • Champissage – Indian Head Massage (L.C.I.CI.I.) Certificates (2011, 2000)
  • Chair/Seated Acupressure On Site Massage Diploma (2011)
  • Anatomy & Physiology Itec Diploma (2012/11)
  • Ageless Grace Certificate (2012)
  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Diploma approved by Embody (2012)

"My weekly Raynor Massage for the past year has been a godsend for my long term health. It is instigational in relieving tension in my body, maintaining my weight at a healthy level and my sciatica has disappeared completely."
Miller, Morden

"I have had the privilege of treatments from Mary-Anne over the past 2 years: Shiatsu, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. Mary-Anne is truly a leader in her practice, and it is a very fortunate client who is lucky enough to find her. I felt completely safe entrusting my health requirements to her, as she is able to consider your wellbeing and needs with a holistic approach. A visit to her is more than just a physical experience, it is a spiritual and emotional experience too, where physical therapy is able to target core nerves in the body, stimulating a full response from the body. The after effects of Shiatsu and Reflexology last for a few days, and I feel my body moves back into alignment. Mary-Anne is extremely professional, highly knowledgeable, and very friendly. She is a distinguished practitioner who has an in depth knowledge of her profession. I cannot recommend seeing her enough."
P. Morten, Finchley

"Since 2010 I have had Reflexology and Shiatsu treatments with Mary-Anne. The Shiatsu I find takes my breath away but I really feel the shifts in my body the next day and my upper back from all my computer work is so much better."
M. Kozik, Balham

"I have been seeing Mary-Anne regularly for Reflexology and Shiatsu treatments over the past year. Mary-Anne is highly skilled and works to my tolerance level which builds as I have had further sessions. Mary-Anne uses advanced reflexology techniques which are sometimes uncomfortable but leaves me feeling like I'm walking on air. During the Shiatsu treatments she applies pressure to different points on the body to balance the energy flow. I can feel the tension releasing leaving me feeling relaxed, calm and centered. Reflexology and Shiatsu treatments with Mary-Anne are highly recommended to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing."
U.Sewpaul, Ewell

"I left my Thai yoga sessions with Mary-Anne feeling refreshed and revitalized. It felt as though I had had a yoga workout and all of my leg muscles had been put to work! Wonderful."
Claire A.

"Coming back from work and having a Thai Massage was like having the chance of a long rest in 90 minutes, no tiredness left for the rest of my day, both physically and mentally. It appeared to me to be a very sophisticated and detailed treatment with pleasantly long sessions that give attention to all parts of the body that benefit from it perfectly. I have experienced a fantastic therapy. In one of the sessions I had a terribly stiff neck! The pain disappeared completely after the treatment. My favourite part of the treatment was when the body is turned from the middle to opposite sides and also head massage. Thanks so much to Mary-Anne for introducing this profound treatment to me."
Fatima B.

"Mary-Anne has been giving me Thai Yoga Massage for 3 months now and the results are great! Considering Mary-Anne's history she really understands how to connect with my body and work the muscles in the proper way. The benefits of Thai Massage for me are overall well-being & great posture. This also allows me to remain relaxed and focused throughout the week and also allows me the energy I need for the exercise and training I love to do. Thanks Mary-Anne!!"