• Degree in Traditional Chinese medicine, 1988.
  • Degree in Traditional Chinese acupuncture, 1988.
  • General Council of traditional Chinese Medicine, 2003.
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, 2006.
  • Member of the British acupuncture Council, 2007.

"I have had Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS) for 6 years. I put on a lot of weight. My periods completely stopped and my skin would get really bad. Since seeing Kelly I have had regular periods. I have lost weight and stretch marks on my stomach have reduced dramatically. My skin has cleared, I have more energy. I really wish I had known about the benefits of acupuncture before."
Davina - (Polycystic Ovaries)

"Kelly is extremely friendly. She is very knowledgeable about IVF and able to advise ways to maximize the treatment. I fell pregnant on the first round of treatment! Since the birth, she has been successful in helping my stomach contract and lessens the stretch marks. The whole experience is feeling de-stressed and rejuvenated! I would strongly recommend Kelly."
Katherine – (Infertility/IVF, Stretch Mark)

"My treatment results far surpassed what I could have ever thought – I became almost instantly calmer and stronger. The nervous diarrhea and IBS I had suffered for 10 years disappeared, the tiredness and lethargy that had made me feel miserable and insecure vanished and the constant sore throats that had made my job difficult were no longer. Being free from these changed my life. I thank you for that."
Louise – (IBS, Diarrhea, Lethargy, Tiredness, Sore Throats)

"My arthritis was so bad that I was using a walking stick. The excruciating stabbing pains in my chest and back which had been diagnosed as nodules and fluid on my lungs. After the first treatment I felt much better and by the end of a course of six sessions with her, my energy had returned, the arthritis had eased and the chest and back pain had eased. The hospital doctors told me that the nodules had shrunk from 11 mm to 4 mm and the fluid had gone. Although I don’t know exactly what caused this, I do know that the only treatment I was receiving was from Kelly Sun."
Jean (Arthritis, Nodules And Fluid On The Lungs, Tiredness).

"I was receiving for an unexplained allergy attack that made my face red, swollen, itching and burning, the steroids affected my breathing. Kelly detected my ailments on first examination and worked out a course of action specific to me – combining acupuncture, natural creams and a herbal tea. Only 3 weeks into treatment and not only did my skin look great but my energy levels were returning and general well being on the up! I would strongly recommend a consultation with Kelly. She tailor-makes her treatments per individual whatever your ailment! based on a thorough initial assessment. “Thank you Kelly!"
Roxi (Unexplained Allergy Attack On The Face, Low Energy).