• ITEC Diploma Anatomy & Physiology & Body Massage, 2001
  • ITEC Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage, 2002
  • ITEC Diploma in Reflexology, 2002
  • ITEC Diploma in Indian Head Massage, 2002
  • Pregnancy Massage Certificate, 2005
  • Foundation in Holistic Medical Massage, 2006
  • Abdominal-Sacral Massage Certificate, 2007
  • Japanese Tsuboki Face Massage Certificate, 2010
  • ART (Advanced Reflexology Training), 2010
  • Bellabaci Cupping Massage, 2014
  • Emmett Technique Practitioner, 2014
  • Chair/Seated Acupressure On Site Massage, 2015
  • RLD (Reflexology Lymph Drainage), 2016
  • Advanced Emmett Practitioner Level 4, 2017
  • Advanced Facial Reflexology - Bergman Method, 2017
  • Zone Face Lift, 2017

"Lara’s thoughtful, gentle, confident and knowledgeable approach results in the most expert therapeutic massage one could hope to receive. The outcome is therefore a very holistic one in which specific discomforts have been eased with and overall relaxation achieved at the same time."
H.M. Colliers Wood

"I have had several massages with Lara as well as short massage/Emmett Technique sessions at my place of work. I have really enjoyed as well as benefited from Lara’s holistic therapeutic approach. She is very good at putting you at your ease and has a strongly intuitive approach as well as expertise in a variety of techniques. She seems adept at identifying her client’s needs at a particular time and also working on more chronic problems or areas of tension, including where there may be an underlying psychological or emotional stress as well as a physical issue."
S.W. Clapham

"I enjoyed the experience (Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology) enormously. It was completely relaxing and on each occasion I slipped into that delicious state approaching sleep. Afterwards, I felt calm and clear-headed but also more focused. Given the ongoing stress I have been under your treatments have significantly improved my ability to cope. Thank you!."
S.S. Wimbledon

"I have felt the benefit of the treatments (Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology) not only physically but psychologically too. My energy levels have improved dramatically and the general aches and pains have gone. My sense of smell has increased and I can breathe through my nose again."
J.W. Colliers Wood

"Alternative therapies are challenging to quantify if you chose to judge them by adopting learnt conventional medical yardsticks. By opening up and expanding your perspective, interesting things can start to take place. Lara is undoubtedly expertly qualified and expert in her chosen disciplines but, equally importantly, she is a practitioner adept at relating comfortably and effectively on a personal basis. It is this second quality which sets her apart and recommends her to me. She is honest and agile in both her treatments and thinking which is refreshing and supportive of personal healing."
S.W. Earlsfield

"I hurt my elbow doing DIY – it was sore and my grip was weak for over 6 months...after just one session of therapy... (The Emmett Technique and massage) my arm felt as good as new... the problem has completely gone away. Lara was professional, gentle and a miracle worker!."
H.A. Colliers Wood

"I consulted Lara for foot massage for painful and inflamed arches. Lara initially proposed the Emmett technique alongside massage. As she applied the technique we could literally see space growing between the toes as tension released in the entire foot. We then switched entirely to the Emmett Technique as it was clearly this that was providing the most relief. I then needed only three more sessions to completely interrupt the vicious cycle of pain and inflammation, and I’m now back to normal!."
G.R. Wimbledon

"I have been having The Emmett Technique combined with Lymphatic Drainage Massage regularly with Lara to improve the circulation in my legs and found that as well as achieving this, it had a very beneficial effect on my Restless Leg Syndrome. I have had RLS in both of my thighs for many many years and it has always made it difficult to be seated for long periods of time eg in the cinema and theatre – I would need to get up and stand halfway through. The beneficial treatment from Lara seems to have significantly relieved the RSL so that I hardly notice it now and can stay seated for longer periods of time. I highly recommend Lara’s treatment as a soothing healthy treatment."
S.Y. Morden

"Lara has effectively used the Emmett Technique to eliminate my persistent lower back pain as well as foot and heel pain. She has also been able to relieve stress and tension from my neck and shoulders. The relief, as a result of her treatments, is immediate and long-lasting. I would highly recommend her treatments."
A.E. Wimbledon

"Lara used the Emmett Technique on me, together with a massage, in order to assist me with improving my breathing following a chest infection and to additionally help with low back pain. I have to say the results were very effective – I was able to sing in a concert that evening with much more ease than I had in rehearsals! The low back pain is also very much reduced. Thank you very much!."
D.F. Colliers Wood

"Lara has given me an excellent Indian head massage before and a friend recommended I try her Japanese facial massage as another relaxing treatment. I'm happy to say this treatment was one of the best I've ever received (and I've had a lot!), deeply relaxing and made my skin feel fantastic. I felt revitalized afterwards and had a great night's sleep that night. It made me realize how hard our facial muscles work and they often go neglected - not any more, I can't wait to book my next Japanese facial massage with Lara."
S.S. Wimbledon

"I was looking round for a facial treatment that offers more than the use of lots of skin creams and simple massage. Since discovering Lara’s Japanese face massage I haven’t looked back. I find that the treatment gives lasting benefit, my face looks lifted and my eyes are brighter. Also, I have a lot of tension in my neck and this is hugely improved. I would recommend Lara to anyone seeking such treatment."
B.W. Kingston

"I started seeing Lara about my sinuses, which have cleared. She has also helped me with my neck pain and digestive problems. Thank you so much Lara."
A.W. Southfields

"Thanks to Lara’s massage skills I can now raise my arm above my head without experiencing any pain or tightness, which is wonderful."
J.D. Colliers Wood

"I have lost a significant amount of swelling around my ankles and can now walk without any pain. I really look forward to my treatments with Lara as I find lymphatic drainage very gentle and very relaxing."
C.S. South Wimbledon

"I feel like I have been put together again."
M.L. Sutton

"I’ve had lots of massages and this is the most amazing massage ever."
S.B. Morden