• ASK Diploma in systematic kinesiology; 2001.
  • ITEC Diploma in lymphatic drainage massage; 2002.
  • Certificate in Homeobotonical; 2002.
  • ITEC Diploma in holistic massage; 2003.
  • ITEC Diploma in Indian head massage; 2004.
  • Certificate in reiki 1 and 2, 2004.
  • ITEC Diploma in reflexology; 2005.
  • Member of Association of Systematic Kinesiology.

"I had never heard about kinesiology until a friend of mine suggested that I see Paz. After a few sessions with Paz I was shocked with the results. My digestive problem improved by a great deal and it was amazing to feel like my old self again. Thank you Paz!"

"I brought my son to Paz when he was having skin problems after my GP recommended I should try alternative treatments. His skin started to heal after a couple of visits and completely after three. I was surprised to discover that the origin of the symptom was emotional rather than physical. Fantastic, Thank you."
Ben And Kim

"It is a great experience every time I have a reiki or massage treatment with Paz. I always feel totally relaxed and balanced. She is exceptionally professional but always maintains friendly warmth in the sessions. A kind person and excellent therapist."